Company History

OHSISA was started by recognising the need in the market for effective health and safety training.  Our training is practical and students learn the importance of health and safety. 
He was retrenched from work on Tuesday 13 December 2011 with a family at home including a 9-month-old baby. With his reputable reputation and refusal-to-fail attitude, he worked day and night to create a successful training company. After various difficulties and endless sleepless nights, divorce, and many hours of overtime the company was turning into a trusted successful training company. 

Through the years the owner realised the need in the market for more than just another training company.  The market needed an effective consulting company that could explain the various regulations and laws in an understandable way that made business sense. There was a need for people in business who can clearly convey to fellow owners that this isn’t just a requirement-it’s a “you must.” They should articulate how embracing this is not merely a formality but a game-changer that will shape the entire business landscape.  Various other needs were identified in this way, and he developed an effective SHE System that included all the legal forms and paperwork needed. Creating a CLIENT business and premises-specific SYSTEM THAT IS STILL understandable and manageable BY THE CLIENT.

The business has grown from strength to strength, and services needed were added or contracted in so that the customer can deal with one person who is knowledgeable and who will focus on the client’s needs while ensuring compliance. Servicing and supply of all fire-related products and extinguishers were added; with a unique fireball-type automatic extinguishers that is effective even if you are not present, ensuring that every service added is done by a specialist in their respective fields.

The latest service was added in 2019; OHSISA now has a fully compliant and registered Occupational Health Clinic under the management of someone with more than two decades of experience. Growing to have branches in Gauteng and Cape Town and clients that have been with the business for more than a decade, OHSISA has proven to be a leader in the market and is excited to announce further development and services in the pipeline.

With a passion for people and his community, the owner ensures a continual hands-on service where he is available to all OHSISA customers and that he is on the ground running with his staff every day. “The golf course is for when I retire” he states. Various key role players have had a part and are still playing a role in the success of the company, but none more so than the company resolution, signed in 2017, where the CEO put the business in God’s hands.

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The team behind OHSISA and It's Success
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