Jana Maritz

She has been in the Occupational health nursing field since 2010 at OHSISA.  She has a BTech in Occupational Health and Nursing Administration & has successfully managed various clinics over Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, providing services such as Occupational health Medical Surveillance Prgrammes, Injury on Duty & Disability & Incapacity/Ill Health Management, Employee Wellness, HIV Wellness and Primary Health Care.  She is an active member of SASOHN (Souuth African Society of Occupational Health Nursing) representing the region's OHNPs on both the Regional and National Committee as EXO Member, Chairlady, Treasurer and/or Secretary for several years.

She completed a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition in Glasgow Scotland, and various IT certificates in England.  She obtained a Diploma in National nursing science in 2005, has prcticed in the field for 6 years, during which she also managed her own Antenatal and Baby Immunization Clinic.  The attention to detail and observational skills obtained during those six years have assisted her tremendously in her current field of practice.

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