Safety Equipment

OHSISA is a leader in protective safety wear, offering a comprehensive line of specialised personal protective equipment. Our occupational safety products include anything from safety glasses and fall protection, to electrical power tools, cutting equipment and an ever-growing line of products for the workforce. We provide:

Safety gear
Welding machines
Lifting equipment
Power Tools (air & electric)

Equipment Servicing

OHSISA also offers fire equipment servicing. This includes:

The installation of fire-fighting equipment
Assessment of existing fire-fighting equipment to ensure it is up to regulation Complete servicing & checking of extinguishers
Servicing of all fire-fighting equipment as per regulation

Fireball Extinguisher

Fireball is a new and innovative concept in firefighting. It is effectively a dry chemical powder based fire extinguisher that excels at spot protection but can be used equally effectively against fires generally. The bursting effect cannot harm you or animals ,or damage property. It is completely safe. No part of the device is heavy or strong enough to cause damage on impact. It is highly portable, stable and operates within about 3 seconds. It requires minimal training, is light and easily carried and is highly effective.

When the ball comes in to contact with a naked flame, the ball will detonate within a few seconds & extinguish the fire.

What area does it cover ? Up to 15sqm and in some tests knocked down fires in area of 30sqm.

What fire types or classes can it be used on ? 5 classes of fire which are A, B, C and F. However, when used on flammable liquid fires it must be used in a static position. The fire ball can also be used on F class fires in the static setup position.

Class A – Wood, paper, textiles, plastic, rubber.

Class B – Flammable liquids, fuels or paints rubber.

Class C – Electrical fire.

Class F – Cooking oils and fats.
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