We offer a discounted retainer or service level agreement to all our customers. This agreement is tailor-made to each client's needs and caters to their specific requirements. We offer all our services to clients for a smaller monthly fee over a period of their choosing making health and safety a more affordable
"At OHSISA, we believe in making occupational health and safety services accessible and affordable for all our clients. That's why we offer a discounted retainer or service level agreement, tailored to meet each client's specific needs and requirements.

With our retainer agreement, clients can access our full range of services for a smaller monthly fee over a period of their choosing. This not only makes health and safety services more affordable but also ensures ongoing support and compliance.

There are numerous benefits to having OHSISA on a retainer basis. Firstly, our strong reputation with the Department of Labour means that having us manage your health and safety gives you credibility and may even prevent inspections. In the event of an inspection, we'll be on-site to handle everything on your behalf.

Furthermore, clients under our retainer agreement enjoy discounted rates on all our services, making it even more cost-effective. We also provide assistance with Injury on Duty documentation, ensuring that everything is submitted correctly from the start. Our team is available to assist with audits and address any queries our clients may have.

By opting for a fixed-price monthly retainer, clients can easily budget for all the training and services they need. With OHSISA, clients only need to deal with one company to have all their health and safety needs fulfilled, streamlining the process and ensuring peace of mind."
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