Safety Plans & Files

OHSISA is a professional service provider dedicated to supporting businesses across South Africa in adhering to safety regulations and standards. We specialize in creating comprehensive safety files tailored to specific project requirements, whether they are new endeavors or ongoing initiatives. These files encompass all necessary legal documentation, such as legal appointments, registers, toolbox talks, and more, ensuring compliance and safety protocols are met.

Our team of consultants is equipped to not only compile these site-specific safety files but also to assist in their implementation and long-term maintenance. We understand the importance of having the safety file readily available on-site at all times, and thus, we prioritize thoroughness and accessibility in our documentation.

In addition to safety files, we also offer personalized safety plans designed to meet the unique needs of your project. Our process involves drafting these plans according to your specifications and ensuring your approval. Should any adjustments be necessary, we stand ready to assist you in making those changes to guarantee that your safety plan aligns seamlessly with your project requirements.

At OHSISA, our mission is to provide expert guidance and support to businesses, empowering them to prioritize safety and compliance in their operations. With our services, you can have confidence in the safety and regulatory adherence of your projects, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives with peace of mind.
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